Houda Bakkali


La Bonita Digital is the creative, cute and personal space of Houda Bakkali. Ideas, resources and creativity and much more about digital world.

Houda Bakkali is a visual artist and art director. Her colorful artwork has been exhibited worldwide and her techniques and creative process have been recognized by different institutions and international magazines. Her first artwork dates back to 2008. 
She has worked for different companies and institutions, managing different projects, both visual art and communications, as well as multimedia and interactive design, audiovisual projects, editorial, etc. many of them awarded internationally. + LinkedIn


Paris Design Awards, France

American Illustration 2019, NY

American Illustration 2020, NY

Graphis Silver Award 2017, NY

Graphis Silver Award 2019, NY

Graphis Silver Award 2020, NY

Creative Quarterly, NY

New Talent Award Artists of the World, Cannes

London International Creative Award




Monaco Life

Sanremo News

ArtReveal Magazine

Juliet Magazine


Spain Culture New York

Aesthetica Magazine

Canal Sur