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Houda Bakkali


La Bonita Digital is the multimedia digital studio of Houda Bakkali. 

Houda Bakkali is an international visual artist and art director based in Barcelona, Spain. Her colourful artwork has been exhibited worldwide and her techniques and creative process have been recognized by different institutions and international magazines. Her first artwork dates back to 2008.
She has a long professional career in visual communication and marketing. Expert in Digital Communication, her academic training was completed with a MA in Corporate Communication, MA Digital Marketing, a Specialization University Program in Advertising & PR and an Expert University Degree in Scientific Communication & Journalism. Likewise, Houda has been specialized in post-production, cinematography and multimedia design.
She has worked for different companies and international institutions, managing different projects, both visual marketing and communications, as well as design, editorial and audiovisual, many of them awarded internationally. For ten years she has been collaborated with the Ibero-American Organization for Science, Education and Culture (OEI), developing a project about health and communication which was recognized with the WIS certificate.

She has been exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Barcelona, Lorca, Córdoba Biarritz…, Likewise, she has been honoured with awards from the American Illustration (NY), Graphis Awards (NY), Paris Design Awards, Creative Quarterly Journal (NY), London International Creative Competition (London), New Talent Artist of the World (Cannes), etc.
Houda Bakkali is the founder, editor and art director of the international publication Cóctel Art Magazine, the cofounder, editor and art director of TravellersandCo, and the CEO of the multimedia creative studio La Bonita Digital.


International Exhibitions

Casino Barriere | Biarritz

Antonio López College | Spain

International Art Festival | Cannes

AI 38 The Party | NY

Parador de Lorca | Spain

Parador de Córdoba | Spain

Club Nauart | Barcelona | Spain


Paris Design Awards 

United Nation Selected #UNCovid19Brief 2020, NY

American Illustration 2019, NY

American Illustration 2020, NY

Graphis Silver Award 2017, NY

Graphis Silver Award 2019, NY

Graphis Silver Award 2020, NY

Creative Quarterly, NY

New Talent Award Artists of the World, Cannes

London International Creative Award